So trying to be productive this weekend and decided to change the oil and transmission fluid on the a4. It was the second time doing the oil on it, so not much of a problem there.

Then I moved onto the transmission (cvt, yeah another conversation). First off, the “kit” I got off ecs turning came with a pan gasket, filter, some other odds and ends, and 7 liters of the cvt fluid. Climbed back under the car and my first problem, there is no pan. Yeah, no pan. So I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out where the hell this gasket belonged and how to get access to the filter. Couldn’t find a Damn thing online other than the gasket was for the “transmission case.” So I gave up trying to get to the filter, and moved on to the actual fluid. After buying the special tamper proof (read, a 16 mm triple square) socket for 15 bucks, a started draining the fluid. After removing the plug, I quickly realized there was no airflow, resulting in the fluid coming out in pulses, and splashing all over me, the catch pan, and driveway. So 5 buck in kitty litter to soak all that crap up, then moved on to refilling the thing. This is when I found out that the fluid was supposedly “life time” and never needed changing according to audi. Yeah, bull shit! The coffee I previously drained out onto the driveway and my hair begs to differ. So then stuck a little $5 pump with some tubing up the fill hole, that is conveniently located on the bottom of the transmission right next to the drain plug. I started pumping only to have every drop come right back out the same hole. After some few choice words about Germans and their often lacking foresight, my fiancee had a genius idea. We used a nitrile glove to make a makeshift seal. We then started to pump 7 litters of fluid through what was essentially a shampoo pump with some tubing attached. About 30 minutes later, after many hand cramps and resting periods, we got all 7 liters into the damn thing. A quick hand put the plug back in without spilling to much and we both breathed a sigh of relief. The icing on the cake was trying to refill the old fluid containers with the used stuff. I spilled the old coffee on my flip flops and the fiancee shoes. In the end, I still have the new filter and gasket and no idea where the hell they are supposed to go, two pairs of ruined shoes, stained driveway, sore cramped hands, sun burnt legs, and a lot of money to the swear jar. Oh well, at least it is shifting and running much smoother now. Had to give the fiancee a massage to make up for the shit show! Finishing up my weekend watching Mr. China wrench, filling me with faith to get out and do it again. How did your weekends go? Pic from a few weeks ago